The International Research on Everlasting Genuine Files in Automated Devices (InterPARES) is aimed at establishing the information important to the long-term storage of authentic files designed and/or maintained in electronic kind and giving the premise for standards, procedures, strategies and options of activity effective at guaranteeing the longevity of such substance and the power of its consumers to trust its reliability. The findings and goods of the project’s initial three periods is found with this website. Welcome concept Duranti, from Project Representative The Project’s fourth stage. which focuses on digital files given towards the Internet, may be reached below. Major financing for The InterPARES Project is supplied by The Social Sciences and Humanities Reseach Authority of Canada’s Neighborhood-School Study Alliances (SSHRC-CURA). The University of the Vicepresident Research Development Account of Columbia and also the School of Library, Archival Studies provides corresponding resources. The InterPARES Project relies in the University of Information and Library Reports in The College of Columbia, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The InterPARES Project Manager is Dr. Luciana Duranti. The Project Institution of Archival, Collection & Information Reports The School BC V6T 1Z1 CANADA, of Columbia East Vancouver

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